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In 2004, I lost my mum. Sadly she died, losing her 3 year battle against ovarian cancer. She was 56. She was the most considerate, caring person I know.

Those rollercoaster three years were the hardest of my life but it did not take me long to realise that out of all of this, something positive must happen.

pedal4life has been created in memory of Lorraine Wigg. Set up by myself, my brother, Andrew and good friend Alex Clayton, our aim is to raise as much money as we can in the fight against cancer.

Today, more than one million people living in the UK have been diagnosed with cancer. I believe people should receive the very best information, treatment, care and support. With your support, pedal4life can make a difference. I hope this will mean that in the future people don't lose someone they love to cancer.

Simon Wigg


Over 17 days in the Spring of 2006 we will cycle across Europe. We will travel southwards from Paris through the French Alps into Switzerland, eastwards across Austria before travelling northwards into the Czech Republic and finally Germany, finishing in Berlin. Ignoring the number of wrong turns, we will cycle 2,386 kilometres over challenging terrain.
Click on a day below to read about our progress!
Day Route
Distance (km)
Paris to Auxerre
Auxerre to Beaune
Beaune to Orglet, French Alps
Orglet to Geneve
Geneve to Aigle, Switzerland
Aigle to Bern
Rest Day!
Bern to Dorbirn, Austria
Dorbirn to Rottach-Egern, Austria
Rottach-Egern to Salzburg
Salzburg to Steyr
Steyr to Vienna
Rest Day!
Vienna to Jindrishuv Hradec, Czech Republic
Jindrishuv Hradec to Prague
Prague to Meissen, Germany
Meissen to Berlin






Donations, big or small, are gratefully received.

We hope to raise in excess of £25,000 for a very worthwhile cause.

Online donations ~ click here to donate

100% of all money raised will go to Cancer Research UK.



Some of you will be familiar with the work of Cancer Research UK. Cancer Research UK is the world's largest independent organisation dedicated to cancer research. Cancer Research UK funds 3,000 scientists, doctors and nurses whose work is wide ranging from understanding the cancer process through to developing new methods of prevention, treatment and cure. Cancer Research UK also funds research aimed at providing the best possible support and information to cancer patients and their families.
Registered Charity Number 1089464